Soldier Strong


What is SoldierStrong?

SoldierStrong partners with some of America's most advanced medical technology companies to make their devices accessible to our returning veterans. The SoldierStrong SoldierSuit is comprised of several state-of-the-art rehabilitation and powered prosthetic technologies that address a variety of combat and non-combat related disabilities. 80% of every donation directly funds the purchase of the Ekso SoldierSuit or a SoldierScholarship.

Give Back

November 11, 2018 is Veterans Day, a holiday observed annually to honor military veterans. T
hroughout the month of November, for every vehicle sold at any of our Bobby Rahal Automotive Group dealerships, a donation is being made to Soldier Strong. With that donation, you'll receive a complementary SoldierStrong t-shirt.


Visit their website at for more information.