Origin Of Bobby Rahal Automotive Group

Customer satisfaction is a topic that appears many times throughout the pages of the Bobby Rahal Automotive Group team member handbook. In fact, customer satisfaction could easily be described as the origin of the Bobby Rahal Automotive Group. Bobby Rahal was so satisfied with the salesmanship and service provided to him by Ron Ferris, at that time a Chicago area sales consultant, the two men formed a business partnership and the pioneer dealership in our group Bobby Rahal Honda. Bobby, Chairman of Bobby Rahal Automotive Group, and Ron, Chief Executive Officer, together with Chief Financial Officer Bob Vladem, comprised the original founding partnership.

John Rickards and Eric Hessinger have been team members since the inception of Bobby Rahal Automotive Group in 1989. They now occupy the positions of President/Area Managers for the Harrisburg and Pittsburgh areas, respectively. Opening in January, 1989, Bobby Rahal Honda set precedents in customer satisfaction accomplishments for Bobby Rahal Automotive Group future locations to follow. Bobby Rahal Honda has earned Honda's "President's Award" multiple times since 1994, the first year the award was offered. In June of 1991 a second franchise - Toyota - was added to the group, followed by Lexus in early 1992. Bobby Rahal Toyota and Bobby Rahal Lexus are multiple winners of Toyota's "President's Award" and the "Elite of Lexus Award".

Bobby Rahal Automotive Group expanded to western Pennsylvania in September of 1997 with the addition of Bobby Rahal Motorcar, a Mercedes-Benz Center. The Pittsburgh high-line automotive market quickly took notice of the arrival of the Bobby Rahal Automotive Group. Volvo, Jaguar, BMW and Land Rover have all been added to its marquee. The Pittsburgh locations also consistently rank among the top dealers in the nation in customer satisfaction scores.

Due to the impressive Customer Satisfaction ratings earned by all Bobby Rahal Automotive Group franchises, we were chosen to represent the Acura franchise in the Harrisburg area in the fall of 2002. In August 2006, a second Mercedes Benz Center, located in downtown Pittsburgh, became the most recent addition to our group.

Bobby Rahal Automotive Group team members are dedicated to upholding the high standards we've created by our past performance and accept the challenge of upholding those high standards to ensure our successful future.